“Yai” (Thai for “maternal grandmother”) sitting at her loom

/is-sa-ra/ adj. Free, independent, liberated


Issara is a line of 100% natural, artisan silk, handcrafted in a small village in northeastern Thailand- my mother's hometown. For generations, the women of Baan Hua Fai have been making 'mudmee', an intricate form of weft ikat.

At a time when most textiles are mass-produced and their origins unknown to the end consumer, the women of Baan Hua Fai continue to make silk using traditional techniques; every thread is grown, collected, spun, dyed, and woven by hand.

Issara was created to share their beautiful craftwork, along with a selection of other handmade products, and by doing so, support a tradition in danger of being left behind.

We hope Issara’s lovingly made products bring a little bit of beauty and joy to your life.

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